Competitor and Coach

All entered athletes shall receive event accreditation (pending completion of an online induction).

Clubs and schools shall receive Team Staff accreditation’s (coaches, managers, physios, drivers, etc.) on a pro rata basis based on the number of athletes from the club/school are entered into the regatta.  There will be no accreditation’s given outside of this amount, and any additional passes required should be purchased as General Admission tickets. Team Staff accreditation’s will be given on the following basis:

Athletes Entered Accreditation Given
1 to 5 1
6 to 10 2
11 to 15 3
16 to 20 4
21 to 25 5
26 to 30 6
31 to 40 7
41 to 50 8
51+ 10

All athlete and team staff accreditation shall be available for collection from the Accreditation Centre from Sunday 21 March at 9.00am.  Accreditations will be sorted via club/school and given in one group, so please ensure that the appropriate coach or manager to distribute the passes collects them.

You will require a Spectator Ticket or Competitor Accreditation Pass to access the venue from Monday 22 March 2021.