Why Have A Site Induction?

The Rowing Australia (RA), the Sydney International Regatta Centre (SIRC), and your employing organisation have a duty of care and a legal responsibility under Work Health & Safety legislation to look after the safety of everyone who works for us on our site.

This includes the safety of yourself and your colleagues as one of our contractors.

This overlapping responsibility can only be met by everyone working together to ensure a safe work environment and safe work practices.

To ensure that you fully understand and are aware of the venue and event:

  • procedures & regulations (including organisational requirements and obligations)
  • facilities and resources that are available
  • hazards

To ensure that the event and venue is aware of the contractor:

  • procedures & regulations
  • equipment
  • hazards

Who is a contractor?

A contractor is someone who has been employed to work at the ARC, either

under contract or in a temporary capacity by:

  • Venue Management;
  • Rowing Australia;
  • an external organisation.

Before You Arrive on Site

The following must be provided to the Event Organisers and Venue before work can commence. If you have any doubts check with your organisation or with ARC Event Management.

  • Evidence that at least one person (who will be on site at all times, e.g. the Leading Hand) has read and understood this induction and the necessary requirements
  • All necessary insurances; (including copies of Workers Compensation and Public Liability Insurance Certificates of Currency)
  • Evidence of qualifications / trade certificates / licenses
  • Activity risk assessments, work method statements, MSDS and procedures in a format acceptable to Rowing Australia and SIRC.

While You’re On Site


  • Sign in with the Site Manager on arrival
  • Abide by Venue and Event Regulations
  • Follow Contractor Code of Conduct
  • Follow Emergency Procedures
  • Report any incidents
  • Sign Out

Sign In:

On arrival at the venue you are required to sign in at the Event Site Office (located inside Gate B near the event entry) and check in with the Site Manager (Cassia Petridis 0452 272 977) before commencing work.

Under no circumstances can work commence without contact with the Site Manager or other authorised Rowing Australia Representative. Staff will explain any particular conditions and/or unusual site or processes related to your job.

Site & Venue Regulations:

Rowing Australia and SIRC have developed a series of regulations that must be obeyed by all persons on site, and particularly by contractors or other persons that are not familiar with the site processes and layout.

Some of these regulations are general and apply to everyone who enters the site. Others are specifically for those carrying out work.

Site & Venue Regulations – Vehicles:

  • The speed limit for all motor vehicles is 20kph
  • A lower speed limit applies to the cycle path
  • During events, changes to ingress, egress and movement throughout the venue may apply. Please follow the directions of venue staff.
  • Parking is ONLY permitted in designated areas. Please speak to Event Management to organise the most appropriate location.
  • Driving, riding or parking any vehicle on any grassed or landscaped area without authority is strictly prohibited.

Site & Venue Regulations – Environmental:

It is strictly prohibited to:

  • Deposit any domestic or industrial waste
  • Leave any litter except in the receptacles provided.
  • Pollute any water.
  • Damage, destroy or remove any grassed area, tree, plant or other vegetation
  • Interfere with any habitat

Site & Venue Regulations – Work Sites:

  • All uncompleted work must be made safe or secured against unauthorised access and adverse weather conditions, at the end of each work period.
  • When working from heights, no material is to be thrown down, or work carried out over the heads of other persons.
  • All ladders are to be lashed in position and not be used as working platforms.
  • Contractors must ensure that they provide and use suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) according to the tasks being performed. These will be defined in your organisations’ risk assessments.
  • Mobile plant and other vehicles are one of the highest risks on any site and you must have approval from Event Management before you bring mobile plant or equipment other than road registered cars or light trucks into the venue.
  • All operators of licensed plant or motor vehicles must have the appropriate license or permit on their person.

Site & Venue Regulations – Specific Hazardous Activities

Some of the tasks that are performed by contractors are of a high-risk nature.

These tasks must be declared and discussed with Event Management before the task can commence. The specific activities include:

  • Working in a marked ‘confined space’
  • Performing ‘hot work’ e.g. work using an oxyacetylene torch or grinding operations that could give rise to a fire
  • Any work on insulated panels

When you commence work and whilst you undertake your activities, YOU MUST comply with all Occupational Health & Safety legislation, standards and permit conditions.

Site & Venue Regulations – General Information:

It is strictly prohibited to:

  • Cause a nuisance through the use of radios, ipods or other broadcasting equipment.
  • Bring glass into the venue.

Contractor Code of Conduct:

Prohibited Activities include:

  • Using indecent, obscene, insulting or threatening language
  • Behaving in an offensive or indecent manner
  • Wearing inappropriate or offensive clothing

Child Protection Information:

  • Interacting with children, is discouraged, except in a safety or emergency situation.
  • Any concerns about children must be immediately reported to Event Management

Emergency Procedures:

  • If you discover an emergency notify Event Management immediately
  • If you call for any emergency vehicle, please notify Event Management, who will coordinate all necessary responses.
  • You are not expected to fight a fire or assist in any way unless you feel that you have had relevant training.
  • In the event of a fire alarm all contractors must assemble at the Assembly Points (as indicated on the event maps) to await further instructions.

First Aid:

  • Ambulance Services Australia will be on site from 8am-4pm daily during bump in and out, providing first aid services
  • If you require first aid assistance, please either radio or call the Site Manager on 0452 272 977 for assistance

The site manager will direct you to the relevant First Aid Officer on the site. If the injury is serious, they will telephone for an ambulance.

In all cases of injury where a person has to leave the site, or loses time the following day, an Incident Report form and investigation report MUST BE completed and returned to Event Management within 24 hours.

If you believe anything is unsafe or something occurs that might lead to an accident you must report it to Event Management

This report to Event or Venue Management does not relieve your company of their legal requirements to report incidents to Workcover NSW.

 When Leaving Site

  • At the completion of work you are required to sign out at with the Site Manager.
  • If keys have been issued (forklift), they should be signed back in at the same time.
  • All uncompleted work including scaffolding must be made safe and secured against unauthorised access and adverse weather conditions at the end of each work period.

Thank you

Thank you for your participation in this site induction.

Now that you have finished reading this presentation, you will need to complete the online Australian Rowing Championships Test Questions and Acknowledgement Form.

You need to complete this form prior to arrival at the Sydney International Regatta Centre for ARC Bump In. If you have any issues completing this form, please contact Cassia Petridis, Senior Event Manager at Ted & Co. Events: [email protected]

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