Should Growing BODIES do weights? 

Presented by: Kellie Wilkie & Dr Lari Trease

  • Do you know that young rowers are growing at the fastest rate in their lives when they start to row?
  • Do you how much energy it takes to grow and train?
  • Do you know how much to eat to meet the needs of rowing and growing and land based training?
  • Do you know a weights program can be started safely to minimise risk on a growing body?
  • Do you know what a weights program should look like to make strength gains?
  • Will getting stronger make a boat go faster?

Rio Olympic Rowing Physio, Kellie Wilkie and Rio Olympic Rowing Doctor, Larissa Trease will answer all of these questions and more during their Lunchtime Learning session at SIRR!

This session is not to be missed.  Parents, coaches and rowers will all benefit from the information shared.  The knowledge gained during this session will ensure that you will walk away knowing how to make weight training safe and effective for growing bodies.

Session details

Date Friday 23 March 2018
Time Lunch break
Where Olympic Room behind Grandstand, Sydney International Rowing Centre
Details FREE to all ticket holders, registration essential.

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