Name: Lois G, a local volunteer from Nagambie

From: Nagambie, Victoria

Volunteer Position: On the gate

Why did you volunteer at #ARC22? Lois was interested to see what the Australian Rowing Championships was all about, and to learn something different while volunteering in her home town of Nagambie.

About Lois

When #ARC22 was moved to Nagambie, Lois decided to take advantage of the three days that she had spare, to “do something, and help out” So, she signed up as a  volunteer.

Knowing nothing about rowing, Lois was interested in “learning something different” and seeing what rowing was all about. After two days of volunteering, Lois highlighted how incredibly committed all athletes, coaches, trainers, and parents are to the sport of rowing, as well as the volunteers involved.

The key motivator for Lois signing up to volunteer at #ARC22 was to “give something back to the community”. She noted that it was time for her to “commit and start giving back” to the town, after hearing a whisper that the Championships may be moved to Nagambie.

Hosting #ARC22 is “great for Nagambie,” Lois noted, as it “puts us on the map” and “shows people what the town has to offer”. She hopes that “Nagambie treats everyone well, and makes them want to come back”.

Lois said that she has had a wonderful time volunteering at #ARC22 so far, with her highlight “hearing different people’s stories and just being with other people”.

We thank Lois so much for volunteering at this year’s Australian Rowing Championships!