Name: Greg

From: Brisbane, Queensland (University of Queensland Boat Club)

Volunteer Position: All-Rounder

Why did you volunteer at #ARC22? Greg volunteered at #ARC22 to ensure that all rowers and attendees have the best possible experience, to ensure lifelong involvement in rowing.

About Greg

As a father of four avid rowers, Greg thought that volunteering at #ARC22 would be an incredible opportunity to “put back into rowing”, especially when “rowing had given so much to his children”.

As his first time volunteering at the Australian Rowing Championships, Greg has a strong desire to give back to the rowing community, and provide rowers and attendees with “the best possible experience” at #ARC22.

“I’m sure that I will volunteer again,” Greg noted. “The volunteering community is incredible and volunteering has given me the opportunity to meet some wonderful people”.

“Rowing is one of those sports where the skills learnt can be applied everywhere, including your career and school life”, Greg highlighted when asked about what he loved most about rowing.

It is so wonderful to have someone so passionate about rowing on our volunteer team! We thank Greg very much, for his incredible assistance at #ARC22.