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What’s On at Australian Rowing Championships 2022

Learn & Load brought to you by: The Drive Extended Live  – Wednesday 30 March


1730 Begin arrival
1800 Food service begins
1820 Attendees seated/eating dinner ready for speakers
1825 Speakers/Panel conversation
1900 Finish


At this year’s Australian Rowing Championships we will be having our first Learn & Load session brought to you by The Drive Extended!

Register for the Learn & (carbo) Load session on Wednesday 30 March from 5:30 – 7pm where you can learn from Australia’s top performance staff while you load with a pasta dinner!

This will be a great opportunity for all kids, coaches and parents involved with rowing to hear first-hand how they can excel in their rowing career – and maybe one day become one of our NTC athletes as well! This will also be a great opportunity to ask to top performance staff and atheletes any questions you may have!

As a part of this event all attendees will receive a USB with the Drive Extended Live episodes as well as a booklet of the Rowing Australia Stretching posters.
Bulk upload form can be found here