The 2015 Sydney International Rowing Regatta is underway! While you’re down here watching the racing, why don’t you come and check out all the off-water activities that we have taking place at the Sydney International Regatta Centre?

ROWunion Marquee

New in 2015 is the ROWunion Marquee. Positioned right next to the Grandstand, go to ROWunion to catch up with past rowing buddies and crews. The ROWunion bar and tapas menu will be available from 11am on Thursday 26 March through until the last race on Sunday 29 March.

Chobani Sampling

The CHOteam will be giving away free Chobani samples from Thursday 26 March through until Sunday 29 March between 10am – 2pm each day. They will be positioned in the Regatta Village.

MeasureUP – Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA)

MeasureUp is the fast, safe, comfortable way to assess what’s ‘going on’ on the inside. The MeasureUp mobile lab will be in the Regatta Village from Friday 27 March through to Sunday 29 March, at a reduced cost of $70 per scan.

DEXA can accurately benchmark an individual allowing them to track changes in muscle and fat tissue. The results from the DEXA scan are then used to estimate an individuals resting metabolic rate. By measuring your body’s muscle mass, fat mass, and bone mineral density, MeasureUp can determine your total body fat percentage, and changes in regional body composition.

Rowing with the ANZACS – Remembering mateship and sacrifice

Special free exhibition entitled ‘Rowing with the ANZACS – Remembering mateship and sacrifice’. The exhibition commemorates the Centenary of ANZAC in the context of Australia’s rowing heritage.

The exhibition not only commemorates these athletes but the numerous rowers who served and made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. The exhibit will be on display in the Regatta Village from Tuesday 24 March to Sunday 29 March.

On the 29 March, after the Schoolboys Eight race, there will also be a Commemorative Ceremony that will pay tribute to South Australian rower, Tom Whyte, who died on 25 April 1915 at Gallipoli, Turkey, while rowing to shore.

His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Ret’d), Governor of New South Wales and Mrs Hurley will lay a wreath during the Commemorative Ceremony. Wreaths will also be laid by Captain Charles Huxtable, Royal Australian Navy, President of the Australian Defence Rowing Association, and para-rowing World Champion and former Australian Army Sergeant, Gavin Bellis.

Captain Huxtable, Royal Australian Navy will give a reading, followed by Mr Bellis who will recognise our fallen by delivering the Ode of Remembrance. Spectators and competitors are invited to attend this commemorative ceremony to remember the courage, sacrifice and mateship that Australians have made over a century.

Dynamic Physiotherapy

Join Brooke Cranney, APA Sports Physiotherapist, APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist at the Dynamic Performance Physiotherapy tent, located in the Regatta Village.

Wednesday 1:30pm and Saturday 11am

Injury Prevention – leads to consistent training and better performance

Wednesday 12:15pm and Saturday 12noon

Recovery Strategies – how to get the most out of your next session

Friday 1:30pm and Saturday 2pm

Masters Athletes – how to stay in the boat in your 90’s

Cancer Council NSW

SIRR15 has teamed up with Cancer Council NSW to assist in raising awareness and much needed funds to prevent, manage and inform people about cancer. Cancer Council NSW volunteers will be roaming the venue offering sunscreen for a small donation. A pop-up marquee will be positioned in the Regatta Village from Friday 27 March – Sunday 29 March where you can purchase their latest merchandise or perhaps have your face painted in your favourite crew’s colours. Be sure to give generously to this wonderful charity.


Every stroke, every session, every season presents an opportunity to improve. Do you want to get that winning edge? The 30 minute interactive sessions hosted by Olympic rowers will offer practical tips to help improve your performance. Pop up marquee will be located in the Regatta Village.

Thursday 1pm

How to perfect a 2k ergo? Athlete Presenters: Olympic Silver Medallist Josh Dunkley-Smith & Olympic Bronze Medallist James McRae

Friday 12pm

How to best prepare on race day? Athlete Presenters: Two-time World Champion Alice McNamara & Two-time Olympian Sally Kehoe

Friday 1pm

The journey from school rowing to the Olympics. What are the steps? Athlete Presenters: Olympic Silver Medallist Cameron McKenzie-McHarg & London Olympian Phoebe Stanley

Illicit Drugs in Sport (IDIS) Presentations

Illicit Drugs in Sport (IDIS) Presentations are occurring every day from 9am throughout the day at the white tent behind the Grandstand. The presentation takes just over half an hour and includes a video interview with RA’s two outstanding IDIS ambassadors Kim Crow and Scott Brennan. All athletes receive a show-bag for attending. There are still engraved rigger-jigger spanners available, although these may run out in the next few days.

The whole aim of this federally funded program is to encourage the athletes to think what the possible consequences of taking illicit drugs may be. No need to book as presentations are made all through the day once there is a group of 8 or more participants. This is the final time IDIS will be at the Nationals, so come along while you have the chance!

If any coaches are unsure whether their accreditation has lapsed or have any questions about coaching accreditation, please come and talk to Ron Batt at the IDIS tent. There is no longer a backlog processing accreditations so if you have not received your card come down and see him.