Member Associations

Rowing Australia has seven Member Associations which are responsible for promoting and developing the sport in their region and for contributing to the achievement of the Whole of Sport plan.

The Member Associations of Rowing Australia are:


Rowing Australian Capital Territory Rowing Inc. (RACT)

President                                                                   David Bagnall
Executive Officer                                                     Michael Cusack

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Rowing New South Wales Inc. (RNSW)

President                                                                   Stephen Donnolley
CEO                                                                            Anthony Blower

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Rowing Queensland Ltd. (RQL)

President                                                                   Nick Parr
CEO                                                                            Murray Stewart

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Rowing South Australia Inc. (RSA)

Chairman                                                                   Philip Paterson
CEO                                                                            David Hutton

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Rowing Tasmania Inc. (RT)

President                                                                   Jim Gibson
Executive Officer                                                     Rob Prescott

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Rowing Victoria Inc. (RV)

President                                                                    Patrick McNamara
CEO                                                                             Nick Gall

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Rowing Association of Western Australia Inc. (RWA)

President                                                                   David Rose
Executive Officer                                                      Daniel Tackenberg

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