Risks and benefits of supplements with Bronwen Lundy

The first of our Breakfast Briefings at the 2017 Aon Sydney International Rowing Regatta will be presented by Australian Rowing Team Lead Nutritionist, Bronwen Lundy. Bronwen will be talking about the risks and benefits of performance supplements and giving some key nutrition tips to get the most out of your rowing sessions.

Running from 7am to 8am on Monday 27 March in the Olympic Room at SIRC, Bronwen will be talking about a range of topics during the session.

“The aim of the briefing is what food works best, and when, in regards to rowing and also explaining some of the reasons using performance supplements in young rowers can be risky.

“I’m wanting to show our underage rowers some examples of supplements gone wrong, but also how to navigate the minefield of eating at a regatta.

“The idea is to showcase, at the start of the week, what to eat pre-race, post-race and during the recovery window before racing again” said the Australia Day Award winner.

There will be lots of useful information, including the cost benefits of supplements, where you can get a similar benefit simply from foods and also highlighting the risks to physical growth and development of young people when taking supplements at too young an age.

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