Name Brian Smith

From Melbourne, VIC

Position Victory Pontoon Assistant

Club Melbourne Rowing Club

About Brian Meet Brian, a true rowing veteran who has devoted 35 years to the sport he loves. As a proud member of the Melbourne Rowing Club, Brian has no plans of quitting anytime soon. In a recent interview with Rowing Australia, he shared his passion for rowing and his love for the King’s and Queen’s Cup. But Brian’s excitement doesn’t stop there, as he also admires the lightning-fast Penrith Cup, where Lightweight Men’s rowers push their limits in a Coxless Four race. [EM1] 

Why did you want to become a Coles Supermarkets Volunteer at #ARC23?

When asked what keeps him coming back to events like #ARC23, Brian’s answer was simple yet heart-warming: “It’s the people and the friendships. Rowing has given me so much, and I want to give back to the sport.”

Brian’s love for rowing goes beyond just watching the races. He’s driven all the way from Melbourne while towing his trusty camper-trailer, just to witness the thrill of the competition. He also wanted to give a special shout-out to all the other volunteers who have worked tirelessly to make this event a success: “They’re all such lovely people, and they’ve given their absolute everything.”

What’s Brian’s prediction for tomorrow’s races? “Victorians on top!”