Name: Craig, Community Development Officer for the Strathbogie Shire

From: Strathbogie Shire

Position: Car Park Attendant 

Why did you decide to volunteer at #ARC22? 

Volunteering at The Australian Rowing Championships was a “great opportunity to volunteer at a national event”, Craig explained. It has provided Craig with a “fantastic chance to meet some interesting people,” and ensured that everyone entering the venue was met with “a positive attitude”. 

About Craig

Craig has enjoyed his volunteering experience, highlighting it as being a “fantastic chance to meet some interesting people” and “meet different people from all over Australia”. As a car park attendant, Craig has had the opportunity to “ask a lot of questions,” which, with his background in sports performance analysis, has enabled him to learn about rowing, specifically, the tactical decisions made by crews early on in the race. 

Craig is incredibly proud of what the Strathbogie Shire has “pulled off in such a short time”. As Community Development Officer at the Shire, Craig highlighted how “fantastic” it has been to “showcase the township and local area”. 

“What [The 2022 Australian Rowing Championships] has brought to the local community is something no one expected it to,” Craig explained. 

Craig strongly encouraged anyone interested, to volunteer at future Australian Rowing Championships. He has loved his opportunity to provide attendees with “a positive attitude” to ensure “everyone at the event, has a good experience”.

Craig volunteering at #ARC22