Name: Jane and Pierre Fievez

From: Claremont, WA

Position: Information Centre, Boat Holder, Time Keeper, Spectator Services

Club: Fremantle Rowing Club (FRC)

 Why did you decide to be a Coles Supermarket Volunteer at #ARC23?

“Rowing is the ultimate sport for gathering a sense of camaraderie,” Jane says. “There’s just something about being part of a team that creates lifelong friendships.”

For the Fievez’s, being involved in rowing is a genuine pleasure. From the friendly and welcoming community to the endless hours of thrilling racing, there’s always something to enjoy. When they see how much the sport promotes team spirit and brings everyone together, it’s clear that they wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. 

While the Eights may be the star attraction of any regatta, Jane and Pierre have a soft spot for the Quadruple Scull event. They believe technical skill required to navigate eight oars between four rowers is truly awe-inspiring.  

About Jane and Pierre:

Jane and Pierre are two rowing enthusiasts who have been passionate about the sport for as long as they can remember. Their son, John, is a star in the rowing world, having won both international and national medals. But the Fievez’s involvement in rowing doesn’t stop there. 

After years of cheering on their own children at competitions, Jane and Pierre found themselves “nominated as volunteers” for #ARC23. While some might shy away from the commitment, this dynamic duo embraced the opportunity to give back to the sport they love. For the Fievez’s, rowing is more than just a pastime, it’s a way of life.