ARC23 volunteer Wylie Geldert

Name: Wylie Geldert

From: Bunbury, WA

Position: Information Centre, Pontoon Marshall, Boat Holder, Medal Presenter

Club: Bunbury Rowing Club

Why did you decide to be a Coles Supermarkets Volunteer at #ARC23?

For Wylie, volunteering at #ARC23 is all about “giving back to the rowing community”. After being a member of the Bunbury Rowing Club for the past 20 years, she decided to “take it upon myself to come and volunteer”. Although rowing asks every athlete to be in the best physical condition possible, Wylie loves the sport for its team and crew-centred approach. Wylie and the rest of the volunteers will be working as a team to ensure all athletes, coaches and spectators have a great time at #ARC23. 

About Wylie:

Wylie is a rowing veteran, competing in the World Master’s Games in Italy in 2013. Wylie represented WA in the Master’s Women’s Eight. 

Wylie loves being able to give back to the sport, especially in a post-covid environment. And at 70, Wylie still regularly takes to the water for the Bunbury Rowing Club. “It’s not competitive,” Wylie said. “So now is my time to give back to the rowing community.

“My favourite boat class is the Eights. Especially the Women’s but the Men are still l magical to watch,” Wylie told Rowing Australia.

Wylie is looking forward to seeing everyone’s faces as the week goes on and wishes everyone the best of luck, especially Bunbury Rowing Club athletes.