Name: Richard Huston and Richard Koedyk (The Two Richards)

From: Perth, WA

Position: Gate Marshall and Spectator Services

Club: Perth Rowing Club

About the Two Richards: Meet Richard Huston, the newest addition to the rowing community! Despite only rowing for six months, he is already smitten with the “magic” of the sport. “There’s just something about pushing off the pontoon and feeling the boat surge. It’s addictive,” Huston shared with Rowing Australia. Along with his rowing buddy, Richard Koedyk, they find rowing as a way to “get out of work and feel quite liberated”. They also believe being a volunteer is a fantastic way to experience the whole regatta while contributing to it at the same time. 

Why did you want to become a Coles Supermarkets volunteer at #ARC23?

Rowing is a unique sport that requires perfect synchronicity between all moving parts in order to achieve success. The same can be said for our dedicated volunteer team, as Huston explains: “I love the team aspect. Every part is critical and necessary. Without volunteers, things just wouldn’t happen.” With #ARC23 only occurring in Perth occasionally, it’s the perfect opportunity for locals to get involved in any way they can. 

“We try to be enthusiastic and give everyone a smile as they drive through. We love keeping up-to-date with how their campaign is going. We’ve even remembered some number plates so we can quickly wish them good luck,” The Two Richards revealed. 

For these volunteers, the most rewarding part is watching, young motivated athletes compete and display exceptional sportsmanship whether they win or lose. 

If you happen to spot The Two Richards at the start line, don’t hesitate to say hello – they love getting to know every athlete, parent, and coach!