Nick Jones at Champion Lakes Regatta Centre

Predicted Conditions

Conditions for the final day of #ARC23 are set to be the best we’ve had all week, and what a time to deliver! Winds are set to stay in the gentle/light category. No rain on our radar but the heat will pick up to a top of 28C at 3pm (WST).

Club of #ARC23

It’s the question on everyone’s mind: Who will take the crown as the top club of #ARC23? We’ve seen incredible displays of skill and determination throughout the regatta. Sydney University, Sydney Rowing Club and Melbourne University were all in the conversation on Saturday. The tension is building as we wait to see who will claim the title of Australia’s number one rowing club.

Event/Race to Watch

Behind the veil of the King’s and Queen’s Cup race, it’s the Club Men’s and Women’s Coxed Eights. Will the top dogs from Sydney University maintain their lead, or will another club come to the fore to claim victory? The Women’s race is scheduled at 12:10pm, followed closely by the Men’s at 12:20pm.

Schoolboy and Schoolgirl Finals

Get ready for a showdown of epic proportions as our Schoolgirl and Schoolboy crews take to the waters to battle it out for the ultimate title of being the best in the country. The pre-show to the main event (King’s and Queen’s Cup) promises to be a close affair. With the action set to kick off at 10:30am, make sure you have your livestreams and binoculars ready to witness the intense competition that’s about to unfold. 

Here is the Schoolboy and Schoolgirl Final Schedule (all times in WST):

  • 10:30am Schoolgirl/Schoolboy Single Scull,
  • 10:50am Schoolgirl/Schoolboy Coxed Four, 
  • 11:10am Under 17 Schoolgirl/Schoolboy Coxed Eight, 
  • 11:30am Schoolgirl/Schoolboy Coxed Quadruple Scull, 
  • 11:50am – Schoolgirl/Schoolboy Coxed Eight.

Interstate intrigue

Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment we’ve all been waiting or has finally arrived. The Champion Lakes Regatta Centre is about to transform into a battleground as the best rowers from each state enter the arena for the ultimate showdown. The action is scheduled to kick off from 1:10pm, with every race a must-watch. 

Here is the Interstate schedule (all times are WST): 

  • 1:10pm Men’s/Women’s PR3 Single Scull,
  • 1:25pm Men’s/Women’s Single Scull, 
  • 1:55pm Lightweight Men’s Coxless Four, 
  • 2:10pm Lightweight Women’s Quadruple Scull, 
  • 2:25pm – Men’s/Women’s Youth Eight, 
  • 3pm King’s and Queen’s Cup