As many readers will be aware, Rowing Australia has been running pilot programs across the country for Riggers, an initiative we have worked on as part of the AIS Sporting Schools Program.

One of the schools that has been involved in the pilot program is Springwood State High School in Queensland, who have been partnering with Commercial Rowing Club for its rowing sessions. These sessions have been a great success, and the school’s Deputy Principal, Michael Ogier, is looking for some help to keep his school kids involved in rowing.

To quote Michael: ” Our program is small but very successful. We have now moved through a host of students who have progressed from an indoor ergo/fitness program to now be almost ready to at least compete in the forthcoming GCRRSRA school regatta series. Our program has been kindly supported by Commercial Rowing Club (thank you Jo Cook) and Inspire Health Services, with great assistance from Rowing Australia (particularly Ron Batt)  and the Australian Sports Commission. It has been all about fun, engagement, commitment, teamwork and resilience.

“Now, however, we have at least three quads of students who ‘just want to row’ (and plenty more reserves waiting to do that or at least become involved in rowing) and are looking for some help from the rowing community.”

Outlined below is the assistance Michael is looking for, if anyone in the rowing community in Queensland, or across Australia, is able to help the students at Springwood, please email Michael directly on [email protected]

  1. Access and partnerships. Michael would like to be able to work with others to allow his students composite opportunities to compete and train. This is just a general request and please feel free to forward on to any other coaches who might be able to allow his students to ‘team up’ either for training or competition. The students are ‘novice’ level, but certainly competent and well versed with regards to safety and equipment handling.
  2. The students need extended time on the water. The best place to do that for them would be Coomera Lake. They would love to be able to put the students on the water for an extended session on 22 March 2017. Is there someone that could loan the school a quad, oars, tinny, trailer, boat trailer etc for that date then Michael can arrange pick up, return and any finer points and provide lots of goodwill in return. Access to the Brisbane River via Commercial Rowing Club has been fantastic but our students need an extended hit out in reasonably calm water (away from City Cats).
  3. The school is not in a position to purchase boats, tinnies, oars, storage sheds, etc. Their best way to sustain the momentum they have created with being part of the program is to continue to partner with Commercial Rowing Club. The school has a small swimming pool which is where their students began their ‘on water’ rowing via a loan of some tubs. Michael’s (third) request, is therefore, does someone ‘out there’ have any Learn to Row tubs they want to dispose of (complete with oars…any condition) and perhaps an old trailer to help the school to continue to get its kids involved in the sport?